Community Group Resources

Community Groups exist at Crossbridge to honor God by making growing followers of Jesus. This is accomplished through open, authentic, Godly relationships we find through Community Groups. We value five areas to help us pursue these relationships.

Socialize • Share • Study • Support • Serve

Group Leader Essentials

Group Leader Requirements - expectations for group leaders and their spouses.

Group Coach Assignments - each community group has a coach. Their job is support and help group leaders lead well.


Leading and Managing Your Group

Group Covenant - Lay out vision and group rules for your community group.

Discussion Guide & Tips - Know how to lead dynamic discussions and get the most feedback from your members.

Monthly Structure Template - Structure your weeks to socialize, share, study, support, and serve all in a month.

Ice Breakers - Get the laughter and conversation rolling with these activities.

Effective Prayer Strategies - Avoid stale prayer times. Learn how to pray effectively as a group and it will become the most vibrant part of your gatherings.

Next Steps Goals - Encourage your group members with these Next Step goals.

Childcare Ideas - Tackle your childcare needs with these solutions.

Signup Spreadsheet - Organize the “who is doing what” questions that every group asks.

Serving Opportunities - Go deeper with your group by serving your community together.


Group Feedback Survey - At the end of every group semester, we want to get feedback from group members. This will allow you constantly be improving as well as get honest knowledge of what’s working and what’s not.

Video Resources

Shallow Small Groups

How To Ask Good Questions