Students (7th-12th grade)  gather together on most Sunday evenings at Crossbridge for CONNEXUS. This night is designed especially to further students knowledge of the gospel as well as connect students who are new to a relationship with Jesus or checking out Crossbridge for the first time. Everyone will leave equipped and empowered to walk out the “next step” in their journey with Christ!


CONNEXUS is a worship experience for students like no other! Designed to help students connect with God and with each other, CONNEXUS will encourage you in your walk with Jesus. From the lobby, to worship, to the message, and beyond, you will experience a fun, welcoming environment that is both inspiring and encouraging.

Although service starts at 5:30pm, we encourage you to come early and hang out with us in the lobby because our doors open at 5:00pm. We’d love to spend time with you! Also, feel free to invite as many friends as you like, you do not need to be a part of Crossbridge to attend!

If it’s your first time at CONNEXUS, we promise not to embarrass you in any way. We would however like to encourage you to locate a CONNEXUS Team Member(usually wearing a Connexus Shirt) when you arrive so that we can help orient you to the service.

After each service we will break out to small groups to carry on the conversation and talk more about how the scripture really plays out in ones life!

Check out what is coming up this summer!

June 2 – Summer Connexus .01 (5:00pm)

June 9 - Senior Send off Lunch (5-6 room @ 1:30pm) RSVP - HERE

June 19 – Mall Meet-up @ First Colony Food court (12:00pm)

June 22 – Girls night @ Leaders house

June 28th – Students Summer Road Trip (9-12 grades only)

July 7 – Summer Connexus .02 (5:00pm)

July 13 – Guys Night @ Leaders house

*July 22-26 is Student Summer Camp! To register please visit

August 4 – Summer Connexus .03 (5:00pm)

August 18 – Parents/Students Showcase night (5:00pm)

September 8 – First Fall Connexus (5:00pm)

*Events or Special dates for students. More information can be found on our social media platforms