Update - 10/18/16

Ongoing Flood Recovery-

It has now been several months since the Brazos River Flooded and left many of our neighbors with badly damaged homes and severe losses. Clean-up has continued, and there are still some very practical ways to help families in need get back on their feet.

Fort Bend County Flood Relief is currently hosting a FURNITURE DRIVE for families affected by the flood. Both new and used furniture is currently being accepted at the Donations Warehouse in Rosenberg. Financial Donations are also being accepted.

Please see the flyer here for more information about what’s being accepted and where to take the donations. Please also be in prayer for those still affected by the flood, and thank for doing what you can to help out. 

Update - 7/5/16

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of flood victims. We have collected a significant amount of supplies, and some of you have volunteered as well. The relief center we have been working with will no longer be operating after this Saturday, July 9th. 

Volunteers and supplies are still needed through this weekend at the relief center, but we will not be collecting supplies at Crossbridge this week. If you would like to volunteer, report to Terry High School in Rosenberg at 8am any day through Saturday.

Thanks again for loving big to those affected by the flood!

Update - 6/16/16

The flood relief efforts in Richmond/Rosenberg are still going strong. The need for relief supplies is ongoing (same as list below). Those supplies can be taken directly to Terry High School in Rosenberg between 7am-7pm any day or brought to Crossbridge on Sundays. Over 100 volunteers are also needed every day at Terry High School if you would like to help out (show up between 7am-7pm). 

A new opportunity for those wanting to make a huge difference is by working with Friends of North Rosenberg on clean-up and revitalization. Choose one day or all of them that you're able to serve. Go to the Resource Office (503 3rd St in Rosenberg) wearing closed toed shoes, long pants, and a smile on your face!

Saturday (6/18) - 8:00am
Sunday (6/19) - 1:00pm
Tuesday (6/21) - 8:00am

Assessments are still being made of homes that sustained significant damage. There will be ongoing opportunities to help out, and we will do our best to keep the information current. 

Friends of North Rosenberg will also be having their Mission Week June 27-July 1. The folks in North Rosenberg were some of the most affected by the flood, and serving at Mission Week is a great way to serve them.

Fort Bend Flood Update - 6/7/16

Thank You!
Thank you, for your generous donations to help flood victims. When we delivered the supplies, volunteers said “Wow! This is so great! This is so much stuff!” Well done!

Flood Recovery Center
The Recovery Center opened today (Monday) and will remain open from 7am-7pm for the next 30 days at Terry High School in Rosenberg. If you know someone affected by the flood, the Recovery Center is ready to help them with material items as well as emotional/spiritual support.

The Donation items we collected on Sunday will continue to be needed for at least the next 30 days. We will continue to collect items at CB, or you can take them directly to Terry High School in Rosenberg while they are open. These are the best items:

  • Bottled Water
  • Infant Formula
  • Ensure
  • Toiletries (baby wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • New socks (adults & children)
  • New underwear
  • Packets or small boxes of laundry soap
  • Clothing (new or gently used) of all sizes
  • $25 or $50 Gift Cards (Walmart is best)
  • Dog or Cat Food (new request)

Volunteers are needed both urgently and for the foreseeable future.

  • The Relief Center at Terry HS (General Work) -  needs volunteers to register flood victims, unload donations, sort items, and help victims find what they are looking for and more. No special training is required to help in this way. General volunteers are needed every day between 7am-7pm. The Volunteer Hotline is 832.449.2485. Feel free to call them directly for more information.
  • The Relief Center at Terry HS (Specific Skills) - needs volunteers who are qualified (and comfortable) to provide pastoral counseling/help to victims when they first arrive. If you are (or have been) a pastor, ministry leader, counselor, or social worker, your skills are valuable right now. There is a training for this opportunity is every morning at 7am. You only need to be trained one time,and counseling volunteers will be scheduled after training. The Volunteer Hotline is 832.449.2485. Feel free to call them directly for more information.

  • Friends of North Rosenberg (Specific Skills) - are looking for someone who can help assess the damage of the homes that took on floodwater. If you have construction experience and would like to help with the assessment process, please let us know, and we will connect you with them.

Thanks again for loving in word and deed and for demonstrating your love for our neighbors. There is still a lot of work left to do, and we will continue to announce opportunities on this site for involvement as we learn more.