Fifty6 Curriculum

FALL 2018

DATE    LESSON                                                                                                 NOTES

8/19     My Spiritual Life: What do I do in my quiet time?                                    Promotion Sunday! New 5th Graders Arrive!

8/26     My Spiritual Life: Why should I read my Bible?

9/2       My Spiritual Life: How do I pray?

9/16     My Spiritual Life: What is worship?                                                         Church's Birthday and Baptism Services

9/23     Bully or Bullied: What is bullying?                                                           Parent Conference 4:30-7pm (Fifty6 Movie Night)

9/30     Bully or Bullied: Am I a bully?

10/7     Bully or Bullied: Have I been bullied?                                                       Fifty6 Late Night- Oct 12th, 7-11pm

10/14    Bully or Bullied: What do I do now?

10/21     God's Plan: What is God's plan for the world?

10/28    God's Plan: What is God's plan for me?                                                  Spark in the Dark Sunday- Crazy hair and sock                                                                                                                                   day (competition w prizes)

11/4     God's Plan: How can I live out God's plan for me?

11/11    God's Plan: How can I help others discover God's plan?                          Last Day to Collect for Tucker the Turkey

11/18    Respect: What is respect and why should I give it?

11/25    Respect: Do they deserve my respect?

12/2     Respect: Why respect those who are different?

12/9     Respect: How can I earn respect?

12/16    What does Jesus' birth mean to me?                                                      Fifty6 Christmas Party!