Fifty6 Curriculum


DATE    LESSON                                                                                                 

3/3    Emotions: How Can I Control Anger?                                

3/10     Emotions: How Can I Deal With Fear?

3/17      Emotions: How Can I Handle Depression?

3/24     Emotions: How Can I Cope With Grief?                                                       

3/31     Heaven: What is Heaven?                                                           

4/7      Heaven: How Do I Go to Heaven?

4/14    Heaven: Do I Have to be Baptized to go to Heaven?                                                    

4/21    Easter Lesson

4/28    Heaven: How Can I Help My Friends go to Heaven?

5/5    Purity: What Does it Mean to be Pure?

5/12    Purity: How Can I Be Physically Pure?

5/19    Purity: How Can I Be Sexually Pure?

5/26    Purity: How Can I Be Mentally Pure?