Fifty6 Curriculum

FALL 2019

DATE    LESSON                                                                                                 

8/18/19 Perspective: What Do I Believe About My World?

8/25/19 Perspective: Is Their Absolute Truth?

9/1/19 Perspective: How Did I Get Here?

9/8/19 Perspective: How Do I Value People Who Believe Differently?

9/15/19 Share: Am I A Christian?

9/22/19 Share: What Does It Mean To Admit?

9/29/19 Share: What Does It Mean To Believe?

10/6/19 Share: What Does It Mean To Confess?

10/13/19 Stress: Why Can't I Have It?

10/20/19 Stress: Why Is This Happening To Me?

10/27/19 Stress: Why Can't I Do It All?

11/3/19 Stress: What's the Point?

11/10/19 Decisions: What Are My Options?

11/17/19 Decisions: Who Decides?

11/24/19 Decisions: How Do I Do This?

12/1/19 Decisions: Am I On My Own?

12/8/19 Defense: What Do Christians Believe About God?

12/15/19 Defense: Who Is Jesus?

12/22/19 Christmas Party