Double Dog Dare-A-Thon

March 24-25, 2018

What do I need to provide for the dares?
Shopping list will be listed here soon... we promise the supplies will be under $10!

Can I know what the dares are in advance?
Yes, we will post the Dare Videos on this website one week prior to the event so you will know what the kids will be doing.

What time is the deadline to submit photos?
You can submit pictures until midnight on March 24th for them to be entered to win prizes on Sunday at Fifty6.

How will you know from the picture which team it is?
In each photo you will make sure there is a piece of paper with your Team Name (aka: the home owners last name) in the picture so we can identify which Team won. Also, when your pictures are uploaded you will add your name/email to the upload site for each picture you send.

How many photos can I submit per dare?
Please just submit one photo per team. If you have more than 6 students staying at your home, divide them into two teams. In the pictures, please specify if it is Team #1 or Team #2 so the correct team wins the prize.

What if I do not want it to be a spend the night event?
You can be creative in how you host your event! I you feel more comfortable hosting it during the day, you can have your kids' friends come over for pizza and dares and not include the spend the night option : )

What do I do if I can’t connect my child with a slumber party?
If you’re having trouble connecting, please contact Jennifer at for a list of existing slumber parties and she can help you find some new friends in the Fifty6 Ministry. We truly want every preteen in our ministry to be a part of the Double Dog Dare-A-Thon! 

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Here are two examples of dares from last year's Double Dog Dare-a-thon!

DDD-athon Shopping List

2 lemons
2 chocolate bars
wrapping paper
a few ribbons/bows
two bags of pretzel rods
jar of peanut butter or icing