Hi Everyone!

This weather has been crazy!  We are praying for our city and its people that are in need.  If an emergency need arises because of the flooding, such as food, water or shelter, please call 211 for Health and Human Services.  If someone needs Prayer - drop whatever you are doing and pray for the individual or family.  If your community group sees or hears of a need they can handle - please coordinate with your group leader.  And of course - Immediate rescue emergencies warrant a 911 call.

Ways to help...

If you are interested in volunteering, the Red Cross requires an online application which includes a background check.  Click here to apply or go to

Red Cross needs volunteers to help staff shelters. They will train on-site. Visit  or call 713-313-5491

You can find an active list of Red Cross Shelters in the Houston area here: Not all shelters have people in them currently. Click on the Red Cross icon on the map for location and current population.

Volunteers are always needed, but for those who cannot volunteer at this time, donations to these trusted organizations can facilitate the helping ministry of others.

On a little bit of a lighter note, I can't believe we are going to be moving into May here very soon!  This year is flying by for me.  May is a great month around Crossbridge for two big reasons.

1.   Mother's Day (May 8th)
Mother's Day is a big day at Crossbridge!  We encourage you to invite your family and friends to celebrate their Moms with us.  We will have a free family photo booth and light appetizers after each service.  We will also have Parent-Child Dedications that day and you can register for that here.

2.   The Volunteer Blast (May 22nd)
We love our volunteers at Crossbridge.  Every week we have these amazing servants who are the hands and feet of Jesus to our church and our newcomers.  Every May we try to throw them a HUGE party to say "Thank you! And We love you!"  If you serve at Crossbridge in any way (Servant Team Member/Leader or Community Group Leader) you should be getting an official invite in the mail sometime next week.  This year's theme is "The Tonight Show with Crossbridge".  We have a lot of fun surprises planned so make sure to RSVP here.  We invite all servants and their spouses (even if they're not serving) to attend.  This year if everyone comes, we don't have enough seats in our auditorium! We should praise God for our number of volunteers!  In light of this, we shopped around and got a great deal at the Sweetwater Country Club.  This is one of my favorite events around here because everyone that comes is Serving Jesus with Crossbridge in some capacity.  So if you are a volunteer - c'mon you don't want to miss this!  And if you are not yet engaged in serving here at Crossbridge, this is a great time to get connected.

This Sunday we will continue our series "AUTHENTIC".  I don't know about you but this series has been challenging to me.  I've been very grateful to dive deep into 1 John with you.

It is an honor to be your Pastor!




NEW SERIES: AUTHENTIC: Real Faith in a Fake World continues!

Synthetic...Artificial...Counterfeit... We live in a world of imitation... That's why we long for sincerity... honesty... being real... in a world of mirages. WE all want something...AUTHENTIC: Real Faith in a Fake World. Join us for this series through the book of 1 John.


MOTHER'S DAY - May 8th

Bring your Mama, somebody's Mama or people who aren't even a Mama to Crossbridge on Mother's Day! We'll have a free family photo booth, Parent+Child dedications, and light appetizers after each service! It's gonna be a great day! Click HERE for more info on Parent+Child dedication.

Parent+ Child Dedication provides a time for parents to express their desire to lead and nurture their children in cooperation with God, so their child will develop an understanding of God's love with the support of the church. (8:30 and 11:30 only) Mandatory Parent Brunch at 10:00 AM on May 7th. GoHERE 
to register. Deadline is May 3rd.


Take your next step in following Jesus by going public with your faith through baptism!  For more info go HERE and we would love to connect with you to answer your questions.

2016 Volunteer BLAST - May 22nd

Calling all CB volunteers! It's time for our annual appreciation BLAST. You do not want to miss this! If you serve on Sunday mornings or as a Community Group Leader be on the lookout for your invitation to "The Tonight Show with CB".  Go HERE to RSVP by Monday, May 9th!

Access your copy of the April 2016 Prayer Points HERE!


BOLD Dashboard (3-1-15 TO DATE)

# of First-Time Givers to Date - 140

# of Total Givers to Date - 370

BOLD Generosity to Date - $3,427,241

Total BOLD Generosity Goal - $6,075,442
         March 2015 - March 2017

Thank you for your generosity to Crossbridge as we honor God by making growing followers of Jesus Christ! Share your BOLD story HERE!