Hi Everybody,

2017 has started off strong for Crossbridge Church! We had our first 21 Days of Prayer and were so encouraged by our prayer gatherings, the Night of Worship and Prayer, and the daily calls to pray! We want to be a people who “Pray First", and this rhythm of 21 days in January and August will give us a boost to focus on prayer during the year.

We have had 85 first time guests in January. Wow! God is drawing people to our church. This is an immense honor friends that God would allow people to come to our community. Our Next Steps team, led by Kelsey Wakefield, is seeking to get people connected through our “New Here, Start Here” tent and our brand new “Weekender” event (click here for more information and to register).

Our 11:30 service is growing larger with new people and families, many drawn in by the later time and our Fifty6 ministry. Our 10:00 service though, remains our most popular. Every Sunday we are near or at 70% full, and we have several where we are over 80% full. Church experts along with our experience say that when a room gets 70-80% full, it is full. Therefore, we went to two services 10 years ago, and three services over a year ago, because our services were 70-80% full on a weekly basis.

This is to be celebrated, that God is bringing people and changing people and we should beg God to do even more among us. Why? His glory is magnificent and worthy to be praised by every man, woman and child in Fort Bend County. People are precious and made in His image, separated from him by their sin and needing to be reconciled to Him through the gospel. People are lost, broken, and hurting, needing help and love. And we are the church! The sent people of God to bring the hope of the world wherever we are.

So, I am asking you as your pastor that if you attend the 10:00 service and if there is no good reason for you to stay (a good reason is that you serve at 8:30 or 11:30 and 10:00 is your worship service) other than your comfort and convenience then will you move to 8:30? This is the shortest mission trip you will ever take! You will be making room for more people who need to find and follow Jesus. You will be making spaces for new faces who are wondering if God is for them and need to encounter the grace of Jesus.

I am asking you to move to 8:30 and serve during the 10:00. Our Connections team at 10:00 is a great team to serve on where you can welcome people like you have been welcomed, where you can help people get connected like you have been connected.

This is not convenient for some of you, but God has not called us to convenience, but rather to make growing followers of Jesus. If you already attend the 8:30 - Thank you! Stay here and come ready to worship passionately, welcoming new people lovingly and listen to the Word expectantly.  I make no apologies for our goal to fill the 8:30. God is too glorious, people are too precious and time is too short to have small goals.

In the month of February, to say thanks for moving for the mission and for those who have already moved for the mission, we will have some special breakfast treats just for our 8:30 attenders and servants. This Sunday we will have some deliciousness from “The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli” so you will want to get here on time before they are all gone! Again, just a way to say thank you for partnering with us in making room for more people to experience Jesus.

I love you Crossbridge. You are a loving, generous church that truly wants to follow Jesus. Let’s keep seeking first His Kingdom. I truly believe our best days are ahead of us. We are a church about introducing people to Jesus, let’s keep doing it!

On the mission with you!




Something Greater: The Life and Times of Elisha
Let’s stop holding back. It's time we start taking risks and making decisions the world doesn’t understand. Come see what life can look like when we let go...when we decide to stop thinking of just this life, but focus on the greater things that are ahead. Join us as we examine the life and times of one of the greatest miracle workers in all of scripture, Elisha, and learn to live with fierce devotion to the God of heaven.

THE WEEKENDER I February 24-26
A weekend of sharing the core values and vision of Crossbridge, what your role in the church could look like and an opportunity to see what serving at Crossbridge entails. This is a great way to get connected with others at Crossbridge. Go HERE for more information and the register.

The BOLD Initiative has been an amazing chapter in the life of Crossbridge!  If you call Crossbridge your church, make every effort to be here Sunday March 5th to celebrate all God has done these last two years. Pray and ask God what He might have you give that day as we boldly finish strong.  

Join us for MARRIAGE REVOLUTION: Turn Love Around with Hans & Star Molegraaf who have been featured in FamilyLife Today, Weekend to Remember and The Art of Marriage. Go here for more information and to register. Early registration $30 per couple.


Access your copy of the FEBRUARY 2017 Prayer Points HERE!

_______________________________________________________BOLD UPDATE
BOLD Dashboard (3-1-15 TO DATE)

150-  # of First Time Givers to Date

380-  # of Total Givers to Date BOLD Generosity to Date

$4,944,740-  BOLD Generosity to Date

$6,075,442-  Total BOLD Generosity
                        March 2015 - March 2017

Thank you for your generosity to Crossbridge as we honor God by making growing followers of Jesus Christ! 

Share your BOLD story HERE!