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CB3 IS COMING SEPTEMBER 20TH! On September 20th Crossbridge will begin three services @ 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, and 11:30 AM! God is doing amazing things at Crossbridge Church this year: 2015 - a year marked by growth! We are growing spiritually through our BOLD campaign by taking the boldest steps of faith in Crossbridge history, we are baptizing more folks than ever before, and we are seeing people cross the line of faith and accept Jesus as their Savior!

In 2015 our Sunday Morning attendance has grown. Several Sundays our auditorium has been 70-85% full. This does not even include Easter Sunday where we were 100% full in the auditorium and 100 people sitting in the lobby watching the whole service. Church consultants tell us that once an auditorium hits 70-80% full on a regular basis you need to be thinking about adding a new service. This isn’t even taking into account our growing children’s and student ministries! So for the past year the staff and elders have been praying and discussing what it would mean to launch a third service at Crossbridge. The decision is that this fall is the best time to launch a third service. We announced our CB3 (Crossbridge 3 services) to our leaders and volunteers a couple of weeks ago and last Sunday we announced it to the whole church. We are excited about what the future will be and all that God will do to reach people in Fort Bend County through Crossbridge!

Here are some frequently asked questions about our CB3 initiative.

  1. Why 3 Sunday morning and not a Saturday or Sunday evening?

Our staff talked to churches all over the country who have moved to three services and the repeat counsel to us was to go to three Sunday morning services first before we try anything else. One of the reasons is that we live in an area where it is still socially acceptable to go to church on Sunday morning. We want to do things that fit into the rhythms of where people actually live. Another reason is that so many people are here already and we are just adding additional time options. Many of our staff and volunteers have young children and time with them is precious. For now, we do not want to add anything on a Saturday or Sunday evening to take away from that time.

  1. Do we have enough volunteers for this?

A couple of weeks ago we would have said no, but as we rolled the plan out to Crossbridge the response has been overwhelming. 216 people signed up to volunteer for CB3 just from our Team nights and last Sunday! There are still needs and roles to be filled but we are on our way! If you haven’t signed up yet and you want to be part of what God is doing with CB3, then we encourage you to stop by the CB3 table in the lobby for the next few weeks and hear about the opportunities to make a difference through serving.

  1. Will this change who we are as a church?

We hope so! We hope we are always changing as a church. The nature of being a Christ-Follower is to change. Our prayer is that God will use this to make us more loving, courageous, faith filled with deeper character and love for God and others. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen without being stretched and this will stretch us! This is another opportunity in the story of Crossbridge for us to give up things we love for things we love more.

  1. I won’t know everyone.

Well, that’s not a question is it? But this is something that we hear from people.   The reality is no one knows everyone in our church now. Once a church gets over 70 people you stop really knowing everybody. Crossbridge does not put a high value on everybody knowing everybody but that everybody would know somebody. That’s why we place such a high value on our Community Groups and we highly encourage everyone to be a part of one this fall. This Sunday is Grouplink. Community Group Leaders will be at tables in the lobby after each service. Stop by and check out where the different groups are meeting and get connected with one this fall.

  1. Are we becoming a church that’s all about the numbers?

This is something that growing churches become accused of. Here is our philosophy on numbers; The Bible records numbers (Acts 2:41, 4:4) and every number represents a person that God created, loves and Jesus died for.

Therefore, we care about numbers:

  • The number of lives that Jesus can permeate and penetrate with the gospel.
  • The number of marriages that can be restored.
  • The number of teenagers following the Lord.
  • The number of depressed people that can find hope in Jesus.
  • The number of dads who didn’t give their kids any attention who now order their lives by the Word of God and start prioritizing their families.

We will not put a cap on the number of people God can reach through our ministry, as Heaven will be filled with a great multitude (Rev 7:9-10). We do not care about numbers more than Jesus, sound doctrine, church health, spiritual growth, or pursuing personal holiness. We don’t believe bigger is better or small is better, we believe that being faithful to Jesus is better and by His grace being fruitful!

This is a great season at Crossbridge! More people are taking steps of faith, meeting Jesus and becoming all God wants them to be. Be a part of this great season with us! Mark September 20th on your calendar, be praying and thinking about who you can invite (BE BOLD) and be a part of the launch of CB3!



 "Game Changer" - Sermon Series Continues! Webster defines "game changer" as a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way. Invite a friend and join us for this awesome new series where we will look at factors that can change our relationship with Jesus and our life in a significant way!

CB3 - September 20TH  8:30, 10:00, 11:30C Crossbridge is going to three services! Join us for this memorable day as we celebrate our 13th birthday! We will start a new series, have Yeti snowcones after every service and a few other surprises! This is a great Sunday to bring a friend to Crossbridge! 

GO ALL-IN WITH CB3 Stop by the CB3 table in the lobby and join the 200+ people who are going all-in with CB3 this fall! Learn how to connect with others through amazing service opportunities.

GROUP LINK - This Sunday, August 30 - After Both Services We desire to grow together this fall and the best way to do that is in a Community Group. Meet Group Leaders after each service and get connected.

NEXT STEPS - October 5  -  6:30-8:30 PM Next Steps is a process we've designed specifically to help you connect with Crossbridge. At Next Steps you'll have a chance to meet staff, learn about what kind of church we are and how to take your next step in getting connected at Crossbridge and growing as a follower of Jesus. Childcare is available (birth-5th grade) with a reservation. We'll serve the best meal you have ever had (okay it may not be the best but it will be good!). Email to register.

WOMEN'S FALL BIBLE STUDY - "CHASE: chasing after the heart of God."   October 7-November 18 This fall join the Crossbridge Ladies as they study the life of David from the Old Testament and learn how God is the only one we can chase after that will satisfy us as we find Him. Book $10 / Childcare $40 (1 child) $80 ( 2 or more). To get more information or to register for class go HERE.

WOMEN'S RETREAT - October 8-10  - Crier Creek Camp - Columbus, TX $170 until September 20th. $180 after September 20th. Join us for a fun, relaxing and spiritually renewing weekend! Get more information and register HERE!

PRAY FIRST - AUGUST 2015 - PRAYER POINTS Get your copy of the "Pray First" Prayer Points for August 2015 HERE.


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Thank you for your generosity to Crossbridge as we honor God by making growing followers of Jesus Christ! Share your BOLD story HERE!