Hi Everybody!

Here are some things I want to share with you that are on my mind and heart this week!


We are two weeks into our “OVERWHELMED” series and it seems like the Spirit is really speaking and working in our lives in a major way!  This past Sunday we talked about living in “Overdrive”, which is a pace of life that isn’t sustainable or healthy.  It’s not just being busy, but like Kevin DeYoung says “Crazy Busy”!  I could probably have taught for longer and gone into way more detail about the things we talked about Sunday.  (I feel like that this week too, but more on that in a bit).

One thing I have learned is that we never master the best use of our time, but this is something that we have to come back to over and over again.  Over the past four years I have turned a lot of attention to stewarding my time as well I can.  I am still learning and need God’s grace constantly for my failures.  What I have done is read a lot of books over the last few years on time management and productivity that have been extremely helpful.  I won’t list them all for you, but the major ones that have caused me to implement changes in my time management are listed below.  If you read some of these, you will notice my sermon was majorly influenced by them and that's because it was! I hope one or more of these will be helpful to you. 

  • I love this book!  The whole staff read it a couple of years back and I revisit it ALL the time!  I think everyone would benefit from reading this book! It has it all - theology, devotional thoughts, practical tips on your schedule, handling e-mail and so much more.
  • One of the shortest and easiest reads of my list.  Really helpful stuff.  The things I said about stop freaking out about your kids was highly influenced by the chapter in this book.  It’s more devotional in nature, so it looks at the heart more than anything.
  • A very convicting book that focuses on the “why” behind our busyness.  This book really influenced the latter part of my sermon and the list about trusting Jesus in our busyness was adapted from this.
  • A great and simple book that will encourage and challenge you to live a Jesus-focused, uncluttered life.
  • Another short book that is very practical.
  • NOTICE! I do not know Mr. McKeown’s faith background and this is considered a business book, but it is a great and helpful read.  All truth is God’s truth, but you may have to read through this with some discernment to eat the meat and spit out the bones.

        2. This Sunday is going to be special.

This week we will be talking about being “Over” and the topic is going to be something you will want to hear.  We will deal with something that you or people you know and love have struggled with at one time or another to one degree or another.  If you have been looking for another opportunity to invite someone, this Sunday would be a great one!

Also, I forgot last week to thank those of you who have moved to the 8:30 service and started serving at the 10:00.  Thank you so much for moving for the mission!  If you attend the 10:00 and you can, I would like to still encourage you to move for our mission.  As the 10:00 service grows, we want to make sure that we have ample room for people seeking a fresh start with God to have a good experience.  You moving to the 8:30 and serving during the 10:00 is a way for you to partner with Crossbridge as we seek to reach people with the gospel in Fort Bend County.  As a special thank you to those who have made that move - whether recently or since we expanded to three services last year - this Sunday we will have some special “Fall” treats for the 8:30 service only!  So if you have been thinking about making the move, you now have missional reasons as well as delicious reasons too!

Well that’s all for this week!  I love you Crossbridge!  I’m praying that God will strengthen you this week as you live as “growing followers of Jesus Christ”!

See-ya Sunday!


PS - We will have our Welcome Lunch after our 11:30 service this Sunday!  If I haven’t gotten a chance to meet you yet, have lunch with us!  We’ll spend some time getting to know each other and help you take your next step at Crossbridge!  Sign-up here.


Have you ever been stressed? Worried? Anxious? Confused? Maybe all of the above? Are you worried about your next paycheck, your diet or your grades? Are the bills, deadlines and repairs pilling up where it seems like the world is closing in around you and you can't get ahead? How do you overcome worry when you're stuck feeling overwhelmed? Join us this week as the OVERWHELMED sermon series continues.

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