Note From Chuck

Crossbridge Family,
This morning our Elders met for our regular meeting.  In talking about Unfinished, one of us described what God has done in this initiative, and I am truly blown away by it.   Without any hyperbole, it’s truly amazing. 
What was the phrase? You’ll have to come this Sunday to find out!
We are going to celebrate what God has been doing and are having, what we are calling, “Our First Big Give.” This is a day we challenge each of you to take a big step in fulfilling your Unfinished Commitment. For many who are sacrificing stored resources or savings, this is the day we are encouraging you to give those.  Others may choose to give more than usual to help us kick off our Unfinished Initiative in a big way. We are praying to have the largest offering ever at Crossbridge!
I truly believe this Sunday is going to be a special day, a marker in our church’s history. I am asking you to make every effort to be here and celebrate with us as a church family! This IS a SUNDAY you don’t want to miss. 
Excited to celebrate with you!
PS – It’s just a little over a week till EASTER!  Let me encourage you to engage with us for Easter by…

  1. PRAYING FOR EASTER – That God will move powerfully and that tons of people will say yes to Jesus for the first time.
  2. GETTING BAPTIZED – There is still time for you to be baptized as a follower of Jesus! E-mail Reed at or click here for more information and let’s do this!
  3. SERVING – Easter is an “all hands on deck” day.  Sign-up and make a difference here.
  4. INVITING – Easter is one of those rare moments when people who rarely attend church will respond to a personal invitation.  Take advantage of this season! Invite, invite, invite!