Note From Chuck

Hi Crossbridge!
I hope you are having a great week!  Every day this week I have taken a moment and thanked God for this past Sunday at Crossbridge Church.  It was Commitment Sunday for our Unfinished Initiative.  If you haven’t been with us, you can learn everything about this two-year initiative here
It was a such a sweet and tremendous day for our church family.  The stories from families and individuals have been so moving.  The next couple of weeks you will hear from many of our people how God is moving through them in this season.  Crossbridge, this truly is a sweet season in our church’s life.  Let us not take this for granted! If you missed the videos we showed, you have got to see them!  Go here and watch.
Mark your calendars for March 25th… it’s Celebration Sunday! We will announce the total number of Crossbridge commitments. We are so grateful for our church family and their partnership in the mission of the gospel.  We still have commitments coming in, which is really exciting in light of our number one goal of a 100% engagement.  If you haven’t made your commitment yet, you will have an opportunity these next two Sundays to do so, and you can also make that commitment by going on-line here.
Also on March 25th, we are having, what we are calling, our “First Big Give”. This is a day we would like to challenge each of you to take a big step in fulfilling your Unfinished Commitment. For many of you who are sacrificing stored resources or savings, we would like to encourage you to give those on this day. Others of you may choose to give more than usual on this day to help us kick off our Unfinished Initiative in a big way.  We are praying to have the largest offering ever at Crossbridge.
This is an exciting time for us Crossbridge!  We truly believe the best is yet to be as we seek to make growing followers of Jesus that know God, grow together and make a difference for His glory! 
I’ll see you this Sunday!
Unfinished with you,
P.S. It’s Daylight Savings Time this Sunday, so be sure to spring all your clocks forward one hour this Saturday.  I know our devices do it automatically, but I’m always nervous on those days that the service will be starting and I’m still in my PJ’s!
P.S.S. Easter is April 1st, just three weeks away!  Wow!  We are making plans for our Easter Celebration, so start praying for those services and invite your friends.  It’s going to be great!
P.S.S.S. (Is this even a thing?) – You are loved.