Note From Chuck

Hi Crossbridge!

This Sunday is it!  Commitment Sunday for our Unfinished Initiative is this Sunday, and we need EVERY SINGLE PERSON to be there! I have been praying for you guys all week, asking God to speak to you and give you the courage to believe and commit to whatever He calls you to do.  

This past Sunday I shared with you three prayers that you can use as you are seeking the Lord about His will for your generosity over the next two years.  We posted them on Facebook this week (If you’re on FB, go HERE and like our page.), but I wanted to list them again. 
Ask - God, I am asking you to speak. I am committing to listen. Put within my heart the financial amount you would have me give. Father, use this step of obedience to transform me; increasing my dependency on your Holy Spirit.

Believe - God, thank you for speaking. As bold and as scary as this is, I trust you. With great faith, I believe that You are my Provider and that You will make a way for me to follow through with this level of generosity.

Commit - God, my response over the next two years, is “Yes!” With joy and obedience, I submit to your leading. In advance, I commit to giving you the glory for authoring my Unfinished story in and through my life.
Kathleen and I are in this with you Crossbridge.  We made our commitment at Advance Commitment Night but have been stirred by the Lord to revisit our number and dig deeper into what the Lord might have for us for these next two years.  We are in this together!
Get ready because this Sunday we are asking the Lord to do big things, and I can’t wait to see what He does!
Unfinished with you,