Note From Chuck

Crossbridge Family!
I am writing this less than 24 hours before Advance Commitment Night at Bowie Middle School!  We are asking our leaders and volunteers to go first in giving their commitments toward our Unfinished initiative tonight.  Now just so you know, if anyone at Crossbridge is ready to make their Unfinished Commitment you are more than welcome to join us as well. You can RSVP here
Even though Advance Commitment Night is tonight, we still have two weeks of our Unfinished series left!  And my friends, these are my two favorite stories involving Abraham!  Thank you so much to those of you making every effort to be here every week for this life-changing, church-changing journey.  I am so proud of you who have joined a Community Group for the first time during this series which helps move us toward our primary goal of 100% engagement.
This Sunday, our Crossbridge Kids and Connexus Students will be making their generosity commitments.  As a Dad, it has been such a blessing to sit with my kids and hear how each one of them is planning on doing something to be a part of Unfinished.  To me, this is a huge win for an initiative like this because it is discipling our children in the truth that Followers of Jesus are to exude joyful generosity.  I love that we are teaching our children that we don’t have to give, but in response to all Jesus has given us in the Gospel, we GET TO give!
Please make every effort to be here for March 4th as we prayerfully, as a church family, make the boldest commitment to sacrificial generosity for the next two years on Commitment Sunday.  Crossbridge Family, I hear so many people speaking about what God did during our BOLD journey, but I truly believe the best stories of faith and God moving are in front of us!  We will be telling the stories of this Unfinished Initiative for a long time!
Kathleen and I are in this with you church!  We are praying over and planning for our commitment to this initiative.  We are praying that God will show us what to give and give us the courage to give it with joy.
I’ll see a bunch of you tonight and everybody else on Sunday!
We are unfinished.