Making the Most of Christmas Eve in Fort Bend…


If you are part of the Crossbridge family, you have likely heard that we are making the most of the Christmas season by inviting our community to experience #ChristmasEveinFortBend. We are giving the gift of coming “Home for Christmas” in our Christmas Eve Experiences. Our experiences are going to be a lot of fun, and they are going to be much more than just a service.

Fort Bend County has over 430,000 who have not experienced the life-changing reality that Jesus came to provide. That means we have a huge mission field literally across the street from us. Our prayer is that “Home for Christmas” will be an opportunity for our church to help others connect with the love and hope of the Gospel.

We are working hard to make sure you have what you need to extend invitations for “Home for Christmas.” Our invite kits help you with several practical ways you can reach out to people. Here are some ways you can use what we’ve given you in the kit.

1.     Wear your “Home for Christmas” t-shirt. They are designed to help you start conversations. The shape of Fort Bend County is right there in the logo, and it reminds us that we are sent here to be a blessing to our community. You are a walking invitation. As you walk around, pray (1) that someone will notice and ask you about it (2) that you might notice someone in need of some Christmas cheer or encouragement.

2.     Display your yard sign.  As yards, homes and businesses are decorated with Christmas cheer, you can display your “Christmas Eve in Fort Bend” sign among your other decorations. We are seeing yard signs all over the county, and there is definite excitement. Spending a few extra minutes outside when folks are getting home from school or work could be a great opportunity to talk to neighbors and talk to them about Christmas Eve. We have extra signs if you would like one to display one in your place of business. We would love to see a pic of where you have displayed your sign. Be sure to use #ChristmasEveinFortBend!

3.     Use your personal “Christmas Cards.” Each kit has three Christmas Cards for you to use to extend personal invitations. Chuck often talks about praying for our “top 3” people in need of receiving the Good News of the Gospel. These cards are a perfect complement to that. The cards have a place for your hand-written note and invitation. You can mail them out, or better yet, deliver them face to face with cookies, treats, a small gift, etc. In a world where everything seems to be digital, these cards allow you to take the time to make someone feel important and cared for. On top of that, we would love for them to come and experience Christmas in a brand-new way.

4.     Light up your social media. Your Facebook or Instagram is a great way to let people know about #ChristmasEveinFortBend. This could be as simple as sharing our Crossbridge posts, taking pictures in your shirt or of your yard sign, going live with an invitation, or writing a blog that includes the invite information. Being creative is a great way to demonstrate how much you care about putting information out to your friends and/or followers that could change their lives forever. Don’t forget to use #ChristmasEveinFortBend!

5.     Keep your invite cards close. Your kit includes two sizes of cards you can pass out to people you run into. The cards have all the information they need including and a link to the ticket website. Put those cards with your keys, wallet, or purse to make sure you have them with you. Pray God would open a door for you to extend an invitation, and then leave a little time in your day to see where He leads you. Invites really do matter, and we have extra cards if you need more.

Finally, we would love to hear stories of how being intentional with your invite kit has opened doors for you to engage in meaningful conversations. Would you be praying with us that our gift to the community would be a life-changing experience for all who come. Thank you for being a part of this. We can’t wait for Christmas Eve!