Father’s Day at Crossbridge is Tomorrow!

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We are super excited to see everybody and honor all the dads tomorrow for Father’s Day @ Crossbridge! The band has practiced, the food has been ordered, the Batmobile is confirmed and we are ready to have a great day!

Our vision is to use this special day to change the way people think about God, Christians and the Church.  It is a great day to introduce friends and family to the community of Crossbridge in a fun way.  They get to see what a typical worship service looks like, hang out with us after and have some fun.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO INVITE SOMEONE!  Send that text, e-mail or call that person on your heart and invite them to join us!  Who knows what God might do through your simple invitation?

Let’s “wreck the roof” to get people to Jesus! See ya tomorrow!