Hi Everyone!

Last Sunday we kicked off a brand new series called “ROOTED: Deep Roots, Wide Branches”.  If you missed it, check it out here. It was great to be back with you and teaching God’s word to you!  We spent our time focusing on being rooted in the gospel of Jesus.  Obviously, we only scratched the surface of what that looks like and we’ll unpack it some more in the weeks to come.  I wanted to let you know about some other resources you could watch or read that would help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of all that God has done for us in Jesus.



Gospel: Recovering the Power that made Christianity Revolutionary by J.D. Greear

The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith by Timothy Keller

Shaped by the Gospel by Timothy Keller

The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ by Ray Ortlund

God is the Gospel: Meditations on God’s love as the gift of Himself by John Piper

The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges


Tim Keller Explains the Gospel

Twelve Gospel Passages to Soak In

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

What is the Gospel


The Gospel in Six Minutes

Explanation of the Law (5:59)

Explanation of Sacrifice and Atonement

What is the Bible Actually About?

This Sunday we will continue our series, and we will do something special after our third service.  We will be commissioning our very own Breanna Van Note as a missionary.  We will be praying for her in each service, but after the third service we will have a brief service together as a church family to commission her.  If you know Breanna or if you are part of our church family and want to see someone from our own family sent to make Jesus known to the nations, I encourage you to be there.

We had over thirty people at our Welcome Lunch this past Sunday! I’m so grateful to God, He is adding to our number in our mission to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus.  Thank you for inviting, welcoming, serving and giving boldly so that we can bring the liberating power of the gospel to Fort Bend County!  Keep it up! 

I’ll see you Sunday!



ROOTED . . . Deep Roots, Wide Branches sermon series continues this week!

ROOTED . . . Deep Roots, Wide Branches sermon series continues this week!

GROUP LINK | August 21st. After Each Service

We encourage everyone to join a Community Group, where you can connect with others, grow your faith and impact your community.  Let us help you find a group that's right for you.  We'll have tables in the lobby with people to assist you in finding a group near you, or you can sign up HERE!


Discover more about our beliefs as a church, covering everything from theology to discipleship! Childcare (up to 5 yrs) and dinner will be provided. Register HERE. This class is a prerequisite to join the church.

LOT Party | September 18 | After Each Service

Celebrate Crossbridge's 14th Birthday and the kick-off of our new series "Overwhelmed"! We'll have great food, fun stuff for the kids and much more! This is a great day to bring a friend to Crossbridge!



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