Top 5 Questions About Father’s Day at Crossbridge Church!

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Top 5 Questions About Father’s Day at Crossbridge Church!

Is there going to be real food or celery sticks?

Have no fear Super Dads!  We will have burgers with all the fixin’s and some cold, frothy root beer to wash it all down!  There will also be some sweet treats, because… why not? And the food is for EVERYONE, not just Dads!

Will Batman be preaching?

Sorry, The Dark Knight is unavailable this year, but we will have the Houston Batmobile on display after all services in the parking lot!  BTW – you should hear Pastor Chuck’s Batman voice.  It’s pretty good!  (FULL DISCLOSURE – No one really asked this question.)

So, the message is going to be guilt-filled and condemning, right?

One word, NO!  On Father’s Day we start a brand-new message series called “Different”.  It’s going to be a life-giving, challenging series through the book of 1 Peter and will be filled with gospel-centered hope!

Will there be stuff for my kids?

Yes!  We have our awesome Crossbridge Kids environments happening in every service and afterwards we will have bounce houses for the younger kids and Gaga Ball and 9 Square for adults and teens.

What can I do to help?

Thanks for asking! (See what we did there? 😊) There are three big ways to help make this a great Father’s Day!  1) PRAY that God uses it to bring people to Jesus and for no rain, 2) SERVE during one of the services, and 3) BRING some guests with you to enjoy this awesome day!  You can e-mail to sign-up to serve.